Sunday, 9 March 2008

What are Fat Book Pages?

A few people have asked what are fat book pages, so I will try to explain. A fat book page has to be 4" x 4" and like ATC's, you can decorate/embellish it however you want to.

When you have several pages, you can make them into a little book and put a front and back cover on if you wish to. I am involved in a couple of different fat book swaps:- flowers, winter and distressed pages. In the swap there are approx 20 people who all make a page and physically post it - so for each list/swap I am on I will receive 20 pages and then I have enough to make a gorgeous little book. So I should end up with a book full of winter pages, another with flower pages and also one with distressed pages.

I hope this makes sense, as I am not very good at explaining things.