Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I've got an award

I got a "you've made my day" award from Hels and She - thank you both :-)

The rules of the award are simple, pass it on to ten people who have made your day in Blogland! Pop a message by email or on their blog and then they pass on the award. If you receive the award back again it means that you are a very nice person and you have made their day too.

So I need to pass this on to another 10 people who have made my day so here goes:-

Hels, She, Ann, Craftyc, Shaz, Shazza, Andrea, Jacky, Vanessa and Claireabelle


Claireabelle said...

Thanks Angie

Shaz said...

Thanks for the award you made my day xxx

Hels said...

Thanks for the award Angie...lotsa hugs xx

Richelle said...

Congrats on your award!

Richelle SBS 13

nessy said...

thankyou angie -that has made my day - now how to get it on to my blog!! another challenge for today!!
thanks again , vanessa xx

nessy said...

thanks angie for my award - i am sending you one back -as it made my day!!
vanessa xx

Ann said...

Thanks Angie - You've made my day too.........so please collect your award!!! Hugs xxx